Amaranth Flowers

Gomphrena globosa



Amaranths make a gentle, antibacterial cleanser that leaves skin soft and bright - and the vibrant crimson or purple flowers add a beautiful pop of colour to the bath.

Amaranth Flowers

Amaranth is a self-pollinating plant that blooms in summer and autumn and can grow up to three metres in height. It was first grown by the Aztecs more than 8,000 years ago; today it is cultivated as a leaf vegetable or an ornamental plant in Africa, India, China, South America and parts of North America.

This nutrient-rich plant has earned a reputation as a superfood. It is a good source of protein, calcium, Vitamin C, the amino acid lysine, and phytochemicals which can soothe inflammation.

The seeds are typically used as pseudocereals (non-grasses that are used like cereals). They are gluten-free and can be prepared like a grain, so they make a good substitute for wheat.