Akamoku Seaweed Powder

Sargassum horneri



Akamoku is certainly not the most well-known seaweed, but don’t let that overshadow its richness in minerals and its soothing effect on the skin.

Akamoku Seaweed Powder

What are akamoku seaweeds?

Akamoku is an annual algae that grows along the coasts of Japan and Korea from autumn to winter, matures in spring, and dies in summer. It is often considered a nuisance because once dead, it floats on the surface of the water and gets entangled in fishermen’s nets. It is also considered an invasive species along the eastern Pacific coast.

But in their natural habitat, these seaweeds are actually quite impressive and beneficial. Much like kelp, they anchor themselves to the ground and can grow up to 16 feet (5 m), forming beautiful underwater forests. They serve as a nursery for several species of fish, such as the black rockfish and are used by anchovies and other fish for spawning. They can also help purify water as they absorb phosphorus from their surroundings.

What are their benefits?

Called the ‘vegetable of the sea’ by some, akamoku seaweed is indeed very nutritious. They are appreciated by marine microorganisms as well as by humans. They are very sticky to the touch when wet, a characteristic caused by a sulfated polysaccharide called fucoidan. This compound, also present in other brown seaweed such as kelp or bladderwrack, is the subject of many studies. Isolated, it seems to show promising results for many health and skincare applications, including soothing, anti-ageing and anti-acne properties.