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Bath bomb

Toby's Magic Cow

Sweet, creamy bath art

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Bring this beautiful bovine with you for some fun in the tub, and a colorful surprise!

How to use

Run a bath and let coconut milk powder soften your skin, while indulging in our well-loved creamy Milky Bath fragrance. We popped some crackling candy in there too, just for fun making it a perfect bath bomb for kids and adults alike.

Smells like

The warm, clean comforting smell of fresh laundry hanging outside to dry.



How to store

Keep in a cool, dry place until you're ready for some magic.


What's in it for you?

This magic cow may appear rather plain, but drop it in the tub and a sparkling rainbow of colors will appear! Popping candy cracks and crackles while our much-loved Milky Bath fragrance fills the air with relaxing patchouli and uplifting Brazilian orange oils.

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
A staple in our house.

I find myself buying multiple of these a month now due to a very happy toddler when presented with one! :) We miss the baby bots, but this is by far better!
Also top tip: you can really easily chop these in half and get two uses out of them for your little one. The crackling sound is great too! Worth the £5 each in my opinion.


My Son LOVES this bath bomb! He loves that its a shape of a Cow but finds it even more amazing that it comes out with rainbow colours!

Chrissie C
Smells amazing!!

I have just recently bought another 5 of Toby’s magic cow bath bombs, because I think they smell amazing!! I wish there was more, like a body lotion, shower gel or soap… anything that also sells like this. Please make something else!

Disappointed in the change

I got this for my daughter as she loved the previous toby cow bath bomb, but unfortunately, the added colour caused her an allergic reaction. (not lush's fault at all) This is the first time that she has ever reacted to a bathbomb from lush. so not sure what it is she reacted too. Will be looking at the ingredients and comparing to other bath products we have used to see what it is. She does have eczema prone skin, so just a word of warning that the small changes can caused reactions

A Magical Bath

I've wanted this bath bomb since it came out and I finally got it! It's amazing! Now I'm going to buy some more!

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