Ippuku Ryo - Cooling Mini Bath Bombs

A cool, restorative, and refreshing trio

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Crafted alongside the Lush Creative team in Japan using ingredients found in traditional remedies, this trio of cooling and refreshing, nutrient-dense seaweed bath bombs is inspired by the concept of ippuku. Ippuku is a small but powerful dose of refreshment and an opportunity to slow down and savor the moment, much like the first steaming sip of a cup of tea. We've curated two sets of ippuku bath bombs; choose Ryo, which means cooling feeling and atmosphere in Japanese, if you tend to run hot.


Please refer to the contents of the gift.

How to use

-Bath Bomb: Drop into a bath and watch as the colours swirl. Climb into the tub for your best bath yet.

How to store

Keep this ethically sourced gift somewhere cool and dry. The products are best used fresh.

Ippuku Ryo - Cooling Mini Bath Bombs
Ippuku Ryo - Cooling Mini Bath Bombs
Ippuku Ryo - Cooling Mini Bath Bombs
Ippuku Ryo - Cooling Mini Bath Bombs
Ippuku Ryo - Cooling Mini Bath Bombs

Your gift unpacked

  • Kokage Bath Bomb

    Shade under the tree

  • Uchimizu Bath Bomb

    Cool, refreshing respite

  • Fuurin bath bomb

    Clean, cool, and serene


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I usually don't like the scent of menthol and mint adjacent scents, but this blew me out of the water! So delicious, refreshing and wonderful.

Very small

I was expecting something a bit bigger but these were disappointing

Liam Smith

This bath bomb is amazing I loved the glitter but some of the glitter did go in my privates and I could not get it out so I went to bed with glitter stuck in my privates.


I bought this yesterday and used one last night! I love the essential oils and calming scents! Also, the colours are fantastic! I hope to see more of these scents and Japanese themes in Lush! I would love some more! 😂 As well as that, it is 3 for £9.50 which is great because lush bath bombs average at £6, so it is good if you’re looking for the cheaper option too! Overall, I would recommend this to everyone!

Just ok

I expected to absolutely love this set & thought the Ippuku Dan set would be pretty average but got it totally wrong, the Ippuku Dan set is miles better than this one. I love cooling scents but these were nothing special. The creamy coloured one smells a bit like the Lush Lazy body spray, which is an acquired taste which I personally love, this has a hint of that but milder & with something else that takes away from a nice scent. The green one is my favourite from this box, cooling, refreshing but so many other things have similar scents, intergalactic, lush lazy bubble bars, lots of the Christmas minty products, so this is just ok as so many other scents almost identical to this, still my favourite in the box. The blue one is my least favourite, the scents seem to clash in my opinion & don’t complement each other well, overall, if you are only looking to purchase one set, I’d recommend the other one (Ippuku Dan)

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