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Bath bomb

Marshmallow World

Comforting marshmallow clouds

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A perfect choice for anyone who loves sweet scents similar to our creamy strawberry-vanilla American Cream line and wants a slow-fizzing bath bomb that creates soothing fluff.

How to use

Fill your bath with warm water and drop in to indulge in an American Cream dream. Vanilla with a touch of strawberry, this will leave you feeling smooth and sweet.

Smells like

A creamy vanilla milkshake topped with strawberries and drizzled with honey.



How to store

Keep this fluffy delight in a cool, dry place - like you would a real marshmallow!

Marshmallow World
Marshmallow World
Marshmallow World
Marshmallow World

What's in it for you?

Indulge in this bathing treat that smells good enough to eat. Made with a fragrance inspired by our popular American Cream Conditioner, this bath bomb offers the soft scent of sweet vanilla, real marshmallow powder and just a hint of soothing lavender to give you a sense of complete confectionery calm. Toss it in and watch as its fizzy swirls of pink, purple, white and yellow melt into a creamy bubblegum hue. It's all your candy shop dreams come true.

Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Mrs M
Marshmallow galore

Sweet vanilla & strawberry marshmallows, I was perusing the bath bomb section in Lush for a treat and I came across this beautiful bomb. It contains vanilla absolute, icing sugar and marshmallow root powder which are incredibly delicious notes that you can smell throughout the bath bomb. My skin felt so silky smooth & soft after my bubble bath with this beauty it pairs beautifully with the Mrs wippy bubble bar. I will definitely be picking up this lovely little marshmallow treat again.

Becky A
Mmmm, mmmm, mmmmm. That is all

Oh my! This has become my favourite bath bomb. The water felt so silky, the smell was gorgeous. I didn't want to get out of the bath and kept topping the water up with hot! I absolutely agree with other reviews on here.

5/5 absolutely recommend

This is such a beautiful product that produces wonderful bath art. Whilst the bath bomb slowly fizzes away, it turns the bath water a stunning shade of rose. I love the scent too - quite hard to describe but definitely worth trying. Would repurchase.

I don't like the American Cream scent

If you like the American Cream perfume you will love this bath bomb. Unfortunately, I personally don't like the A.C. scent and so I didn't enjoy this one. Lovely pink bath water though.

Love the re-design

Always loved this bath bomb but was a bit unsure when I saw the design had changed. So happy to say it smells as amazing as ever and also produces some really impressive bath art! This is a lovely relaxing but fun bomb

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