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Honey I Washed the Kids

Sweet caramel showers

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Packed with mega moisturizing honey, this is one toffee-scented sudser the whole family will love.

How to use

Rich honey soothes, hydrates and cleanses the skin as you lather up, before you rinse off this addictively sweet shower gel.

Smells like

Warm and melty honey caramel.



Honey I Washed the Kids
Honey I Washed the Kids
Honey I Washed the Kids
Honey I Washed the Kids
Honey I Washed the Kids
Honey I Washed the Kids

What's in it for you?

Everyone will love lathering up with this deliciously scented gel, and we don't blame them: its addictive sweet toffee perfume, with uplifting sweet orange and bergamot oils, makes it pretty hard to resist. With loads of moisturizing honey blended into a soothing rosehip and tiger lily infusion, this self-preserving gel is gentle on dry or sensitive skin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 112 reviews
Sherele Gouws

Love the scent of this shower gel and find it nice and moisturising. Haven't noticed any of the fishy/off smell some people talk about. It's a very true, raw, realistic honey scent. Delicious!

So bad i wish I could give 1 star

This absolutely stinks in the worst way
I love the soap but honestly I don’t know how they are saying this is the same smell as the soap

Love it

I absolutely loved the bath bomb in this so thought I'd try the shower gel. I absolutely love it! It smells lovely and sweet but you can really smell the orange and the floral part to it. Love it!

Mrs Lovett

When I sniff the bottle it smells ok but when applied to skin it smells like sick. I used some as bath bubbles and that wasn't quite so bad, but as a body wash/shower gel... yuck! 🤢 Will definitely avoid all products in this honey range.

No no no

I usually like honey-scented products, but this one was just horrible. The smell was so sweet it was honestly sickening. I held my breath when I used it because the smell actually made me feel nauseous. But I'm giving it an extra star because my partner likes the scent.

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