Wasabi Shan Kui

Spicy stimulation

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Great for fine, oily hair looking for added volume and shine with a stimulating blend of herbs and oils to stimulate and exfoliate the scalp.

How to use

Massage in to wet hair to create a lather, this combination of stimulating ingredients will give a volumising, warming boost, as you massage it over the scalp. Rinse out after use.

Smells like

A mossy green forest bed asleep under lemon sunshine.



Wasabi Shan Kui
Wasabi Shan Kui
Wasabi Shan Kui
Wasabi Shan Kui
Wasabi Shan Kui
Wasabi Shan Kui

What's in it for you?

Who doesn't like a tingly scalp? This spicy shampoo gives fine, thin and oily hair the good shivers with an invigorating blend of fresh horseradish and fresh wasabi to promote healthy hair and happy scalps. Plus we show love to your locks by banishing excess oil with scrubby sea salt while building volume with aquafaba. Fresh lemon juice rounds things out by adding shine, while fair trade olive oil keeps tresses soft and smooth. Good vibrations only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 119 reviews
Hair growth!!!!

I have tried literally everything to improve my hair growth. This actually works and smells amazing as well. I have a sensitive scalp and the ingredients in this are powerful but cause me no problems- just a lovely fresh feel that keeps my hair looking cleaner longer reducing the need to wash my hair as much . Thank you Lush for a product that WORKS


I bought this yesterday just to try it out as I have only used the lush shampoo bars which are soooo good but this is my favourite yet. Smells amazing and my hair feels so fresh and for someone who has greasy hair the day after a wash, my hair has stayed clean.


I absolutely love it! About two years ago, my brother bought it for himself (but I kept on using his 🤭) and my hair was thicker and healthier than ever.I stopped using it but I re-stumbled upon it while I was in store and I just HAD to get the 600g version.Best decision ever!!

I like it

I have very long, medium thickness hair. I haven't really noticed a change in my hair compared to using another Lush shampoo but this smells nice (sweet like candy but not overpowering) and I like the subtle minty tingle to it. Not too drying/stripping but woudn't say it's moisturising either.

Dry, Flaky Scalp

I was excited to use this shampoo after seeing the positive reviews. I washed my hair with it last night and this morning my scalp is really dry and flaky. It was absolutely fine yesterday before washing. I'm really disappointed, particularly for the price.

This does seem to be a common theme with Lush shampoos, for me anyway. I had a similar problem with Big and the Honey one but that after a few months of using them.

This smells nice and my hair feels softer than normal. However, I can't recommend it because it's so drying on my scalp.

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