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Flyway Hair

Lift your hair on a sea breeze

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Good for oily, fine and thin hair looking to add volume and shine while deeply-cleansing the scalp and strands.

How to use

Lather this sea salt and lemon bar directly onto the hair or between your hands, then massage in. Rinse and condition for lifted, shiny locks.

Smells like

Salty and lemony with a touch of warmth; like laying on the beach.



How to store

Leave on the side in a cool dry place, ideally one of our cork pots, ready for when you need it.

Flyway Hair
Flyway Hair
Flyway Hair
Flyway Hair

What's in it for you?

Banish oil and boost shine with this scrubby sea salt shampoo bar. We've loaded this low-waste wonder with naturally cleansing lemon oil to cut grease, Roman chamomile oil to soothe scalps and hand-harvested coarse sea salt to add vivacious volume to lackluster locks. A little fair trade organic cocoa butter rounds things out to keep everything smooth. So don't be shy: turn the volume on high and shine on.

Customer Reviews

Based on 93 reviews
So good

I’m in love. I like seanik, but it was too strong for me. This one is perfect for my fine long hair. I also use solid big conditioner and they work fantastic together.


For ages I have suffered badly with anti dandruff and really itchy scalp. I have tried loads of different products and nothing worked. I went into stores and asked a worker but good for sensitive and dandruff and she recommended this one. I can say this is amazing. On the first use my dandruff was gone and my hair is soft and feels lovely. My hair feels fresher as ever and honestly this shampoo bar works miracles and a little bit goes a long way. Please NEVER EVER GET RID OFF THIS ONE!! it is fabulous ❤️

Please don't stop making this shampoo!

I have been shopping with Lush for years and have been using their shampoo bars for a long time.

Over the past couple of years I've moved to a location with 'soft water', always having grown up where the water was 'harder'. I have naturally blonde, very fine hair. Soft water makes my hair limp, greasy and gives me absolutely no volume. I tried the Seanick shampoo bar and the Big Shampoo product (which are both great, especially the Big shampoo). Seanick worked well and the Big shampoo looked great after the wash but my hair didn't stay very volumised for long.

Tried this shampoo and this is exactly what my hair needs! My hair has been looking so much fuller, thicker and has given it shape and volume. So happy as I was getting desperate as I couldn't quite find the right thing for me.

This has been a life saver and the great thing about the shampoo bars is they last for months if you store them in one of the pots/tins.

Thanks Lush!

Wrecked my hair

I bought this because I usually have quite oily hair and wanted to add some volume, but this totally wrecked my hair. I used it twice (with a conditioner bar also from Lush) and on the second time my hair was so dry that it practically matted itself with every movement; I had to just put it in a bun so I could stop brushing it. After a few days I used a different shampoo and a bond builder to try and bring some moisture back but my ends are still fried. Also it’s crazy expensive for having caused so much damage.

Perfect for thick but fine hair

Recently saw this in store and purchased as a change from Seanik that I've been using for the last four years. I have thick hair but the individual hairs are fine so it's difficult to rinse and gets greasy very quickly. I've been using this every day for a week now and my hair looks fab, really clean and lots of volume. Not had the same lather issues as other reviewers, but I'm in West Yorkshire so soft water. And yes the salt crystals probably need toning down but it's not actually sharp. Also my hair is very dark and undyed so can't comment on effect on colour. Would definitely recommend to like-haired people!

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