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Avocado Co-wash

Zesty Litsea Cubeba & Bergamot

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The juicy, fruity scents of bergamot and litsea cubeba oils will leave you feeling fresh all day long.

How to use

Spritz all over the body avoiding the under arm area to unleash lively and effervescent citrus notes.

Smells like

Bright and refreshing; a creamy lime sorbet.

Avocado Co-wash
Avocado Co-wash

What's in it for you?

Avocado Co-wash's fragrance became so popular that it found its way into limited edition bath bombs, shower gels...and now a much-coveted spritzable scent. Mist yourself whenever you're feeling down with a blend of cheerful litsea cubeba and bergamot. Then get grounded with woodsy notes of olibanum for a perfume that's crisp, green and entirely unexpected.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Citrusy Splendor

Oh, dearest kindred spirits, gather 'round as I share my thoughts on this delightful concoction, Zesty Sweet Body Spray! With its whimsical blend of citrusy zest and caramel sweetness, this aromatic elixir transports one's senses to a realm of pure enchantment.From the moment the mist touches one's skin, a burst of lively lemon and tangy tangerine dances upon the air, akin to the sun-kissed orchards in full bloom. But ah, it is the subtle undertones of honeyed vanilla that truly captivate the soul. As I traipse through the fields of imagination, this body spray becomes my loyal companion, infusing each moment with a zestful joie de vivre. Whether frolicking in the meadows or embarking on daring adventures, its lingering sweetness envelops me like a warm embrace, a fragrant reminder that every day holds the promise of new beginnings.So, dear friends, if ever you seek to infuse your days with a dash of spirited charm and a sprinkle of sugared whimsy, look no further than this Zesty Body Spray. For it is not merely a scent, but a cherished memory waiting to be made, an ode to the beauty that resides in the simplest of pleasures.Yours in aromatic reverie.

Zesty aniseed scent

My fav scents are snow fairy and let the good times roll. I didn’t need another spray but as it was my birthday I chose a new one.
The smell is very zesty but with an aniseed smell. It’s nice but I’m not sure about it yet. Maybe not sweet enough to be o e of my favs although it will be used regularly.

I’m in love

This is by far my favourite scent ever and if they sold a perfume version of it I’d immediately snatch it up!


I held off buying because reviews and advice said this smells like key lime (not my thing). I finally took a chance as it contains Litsea Cubeba, which is also in Minamisoma Shower Oil - which is just wondrous! So glad I went for this. This is my favourite LUSH spray. No lime here. The complex lemony sweet richness is fresh and invigorating and lasts for hours.


ahhhhhhhhhh its so nice!! i love sweet smellin things <3 i wish it stuck aroudn a bit longer, but i dont mind that much. i love it!!!!!!!!! i wish there was a shower gel of it hehe

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