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Juicy grapefruit and menthol

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A citrus cleaner that will give your mouth a new zest for life.

How to use

Pop one into your mouth neat with a sip of water. Nibble and crush the tab and swill. Spit out and rinse. 

Smells like

Floating zest from a freshly peeled grapefruit.



How to store

Put the lid back on when you have used one to keep fresh when you are on the go.


What's in it for you?

Freshen up bad breath with a hit of Zing! This citrusy blend of grapefruit, litsea cubeba and Sicilian red mandarin oils blend with a dash of Himalayan rock salt to give you a zap of refreshing salty-sweetness. Xylitol and stevia keep things deliciously sugar-free, while menthol crystals round everything out to keep your breath smelling great from day to night. It's truly ama-zing!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Clean without the burn

I've used this for a few days so far and like it. I wake up with less cotton mouth. It's zingy. It tastes pretty good and doesn't burn your mouth like usual mouth wash.

I also love how compact it is. I think it will be a great product to bring camping/travelling.

Not a nice taste

I was excited to get this is the post as I love the flavours it’s made from but my first one I tried was not very nice at all I couldn’t even finish it I love all my lush products but this one I’ll pass on in the future

Be careful if you're particularly sensetive

Burnt the inside of my lower lip, upper lip and edges of my tongue. All red and peeling today. be careful if you're usually sensetive to products.

Great flavour however so I'm gutted!

tastes great!

okay this is gonna be similar to my reviews on the toothpastes I bought but essentially:
I'm autistic with severe sensory issues.
I can't use mouthwash.
I have tried multiple mouthwashes, including children's ones, flavourless ones, and alcohol free ones.
all have burnt my mouth.

this product is actually enjoyable. like I enjoy using it. it tastes super good and doesn't burn my mouth. if sweets that tasted like this existed, I would buy them. its been taking all my self control to not just eat them.

Zing! Mouthwash Tablets

I brought this today, and I have already used this product twice, left my whole mouth feeling clean and fresh!

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