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Gentle, relieving clove bud

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Don't let its gentleness fool you, this jelly provides a deep and penetrating clean with calming essential oils.

How to use

Scoop out a little jelly with a dry toothbrush, wet and brush. Rinse and spit till your mouth is clear.


Green: Natural ingredients
Black: Safe Synthetics

*occurs naturally in essential oils

Smells like

A glass of warm mulled wine on a sunny, cold day.


Contains almond oil.

How to store

Pop the lid back on the pot to keep the toothpaste fresh and clean.


What's in it for you?

Soother gently cleanses, and you guessed it—soothes! Give your mouth a little TLC with calming clove bud, stimulating aniseed and cherry-tasting almond essential oil. This jelly is perfect for those with sensitive teeth and gums. Let its bold ingredients tenderly clean your mouth to provide the ultimate clean.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Not for me

I love loads of Lush products, but not this one. Toothpaste jelly sounded like an interesting concept, and as I have sensitive teeth and gums I thought I would try it. I’m afraid I didn’t like anything about it - tastes and smells vile and my teeth didn’t feel clean at all, even using an electric toothbrush. I gave it several days, but it didn’t help with the sensitivity issue either. The taste lingered and I had to use my normal toothpaste to get rid of it. Sorry Lush not one of your best.

Excellent for sore gums

I’ve tried so many expensive toothpastes for my sensitive teeth and gums, none have really worked that well. This one initially I thought was the same but as it tasted nicer than mint (which I hate!) I carried on with it and much to my surprise by the end of pot one my sensitivity was less; I have used many pots since and it’s kept the sensitivity at bay all this time. I also use the refreshers tabs for that squeaky clean feeling and the mouthwash tabs as again they aren’t minty and taste great.

Love it

I find the flavour of toothpaste makes me feel sick and have been looking for an alternative for a while, I love the sweet cinnamon flavour and my teeth still feel really fresh.

An efficient, easy-to-use product!

I went into lush last week, and bought this toothpaste jelly along with the Catastrophe cosmetic face mask. The reason I bought this product is because the idea of a toothpaste jelly sounded very innovative, and I was eager to give it a try. However, it managed to exceed my expectations! First of all, it smells like almonds and in general is more on the sweeter side. This product also leaves a sweet after-taste, which is nice if you want a change from regular mint toothpaste. Other than that, it whitened my teeth very well and cleans my teeth properly too! I highly recommend this product to people who want a more flavourful oral care routine!

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