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Dream Cream Self-Preserving

Oat & Lavender cult classic

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A self-preserving version of our soothing, rose water, chamomile blue and oat milk lotion. A dream for irritated skin.

How to use

Apply generously to very dry skin, or simply all over the body to keep your skin feeling dreamy. Lovely after you’ve been in the sun too.

Smells like

Soft hints of oat milk and lavender.



How to store

Store in cool, dry conditions and handle with freshly washed hands. Best used fresh.

Dream Cream Self-Preserving
Dream Cream Self-Preserving
Dream Cream Self-Preserving
Dream Cream Self-Preserving
Dream Cream Self-Preserving
Dream Cream Self-Preserving

What's in it for you?

Our self-preserving Dream Cream has all the skin-soothing ingredients as our original formula, but no synthetic preservatives: you'll still benefit from softening cocoa butter and olive oil, soothing oat milk and calming rose, lavender and chamomile oils. This version of our classic skin savior is richer and thicker, making it an ideal choice for those of us with drier skin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 106 reviews
Soothed Chickenpox

I love this product anyway, but when my 3 year old was really suffering with chickenpox, and I felt that calamine lotion was far too drying, I thought it might be worth trying the Dream Cream to soothe the itch.

I smoothed it all over her after an oat bath, and as well as soothing her skin, the lovely lavender smell really calmed her down. She went on to sleep soundly through the night, with no itchiness.

I would highly recommend.

Smells Milky

I like applying this on my decollete, smells Tea Tree and Lavender first then sweet and milky.

Great for dry, sore skin

Used this after seeing so many eczema sufferers recommending it. Used it after a recent flare up had left my forearms with thick and dry skin and my hands cracked and itchy. Worked absolute wonders when applied morning and before bed and very quickly returned my skin back to normal, have bought a larger pot now to keep on hand for next time I get a flare up.

I used it as a body conditioner

Most lush body conditioners make my skin itchy, not sure which ingredients caused it. I don't like the minty one either as it smelled like toothpaste. However, I really like the idea of body conditioner so I tried use this cream as a body conditioner, in shower. Perfect for dry skin. Try it and you can thank me later.

So Sticky

I asked for (and was given) Dream Cream for Christmas. When I used it on my hands I thought there was something wrong as it didn’t sink in and couldn’t work out. I then noticed in tiny letter ‘self-preserving’ so I checked on here.
I see there are two kinds. The people who purchased it would have no idea (nor did I).
Well this is still sticky on my hands over an hour after I used it and I need to get on knitting. The real Dream Cream sinks in straight away. I really don’t like this new version. It says ‘no stickiness’ in the blurb. Not true. I can’t use it. What a waste.

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