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This rich, subtly-scented cream is so lovely, you’ll be inspired to make time to care for that easily-neglected chest area.

How to use

After bathing or showering, massage gently into those easily forgotten areas - the neck, shoulders, chest and arms - to keep the skin soft and dewy. Store in cool, dry conditions and handle with freshly washed hands. Best used fresh within six months.

Smells like

A fresh, dewy meadow at sunrise.


Contains Avocardo Oil

How to store

Store in cool, dry conditions and handle with freshly washed hands. Best used fresh within six months.


What's in it for you?

We had the chest, neck and shoulders in mind when we invented this fresh, firming body lotion, imbued with beautifying flowers, herbs and oils to soften and nourish. Vitamin-rich avocado and almond oils combine with organic evening primrose to protect the skin, while meadowsweet infusion and orange blossom honey soothe. Made without artificial preservatives so you can care for that delicate area with peace of mind.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
absolutely amazing

Beautiful cream which I use both on my face and body.
I recently had unexpected hives as a side effect of prescription meds and this cream helped soothe and cure it.
You only need a small amount which makes it incredibly cost effective and great quality.

Miracle Worker

I have had problem skin all my life, battling on and off with eczema. It is very difficult to find body creams to combat the dryness, but not trigger my eczema, not even the popular Dream cream works for me. Biomic has transformed my body skin, I am on my 4th pot. I am surprised as it is quite scented, but it just suits my skin, so please don't stop making it!! Thank you!

My new favorite.

I really love this (I'm on my second large pot). It has a lovely light scent which is really nice but doesn't interfere with any other scent I want to wear. It soaks in really well and I love that it's giving my skin a treatment as well as moisture. I still use Charity Pots on my legs just so I can keep supporting that scheme, but I'm now using this everywhere else.

It works !

Please, please, please never stop selling this or change the recipe. Not only is it the only body lotion I can use other then sleepy ( reactions) it also has turned my skin around.
I lost some weight a few years ago and being late 30’s my skin didn’t bounce back as it used too. I was kinda resigned to the crepey look in the usual places but within a couple of weeks my skin looks so much better and is super soft.
It doesn’t have a strong scent which I like and as added bonus I have used it a couple of times on my face as night cream when it has needed tlc. Woke up with soft, comfortable skin and no breakouts. Although think it would be too rich for every night. Thank you lush


A body lotion so perfect I could kiss whoever invented this! Beautiful, organic fragrance, nothing sweet or sticky about this baby! Getting a tattoo this week and will happily use this in the aftercare routine as feel it has therapeutic value. Its very gentle but packs a moisturising punch. Please don't ever discontinue. Pals for life!

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