Clean aesthetic is out, ‘swamp aesthetic’ is in!

Clean aesthetic is out, ‘swamp aesthetic’ is in!

Fans will be ogre-the-moon with this brand new Lush x Shrek limited edition collection coming soon

Inspired by DreamWorks Animation’s Shrek franchise, the brand new Lush x Shrek collection celebrates everyone’s inner swampy self, in contrast to the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic of recent years. The collection launches exclusively in South Africa soon!

Just like onions, this collection has layers. Inspired by Shrek’s journey from a self-loathing to a self-accepting ogre, the range aims to bring joy and Shrek’s irreverent humour to the worlds of beauty and wellbeing – showing that there is no one way to be beautiful and feel good – wellness can be a swampy ogre bath too!

“I love how Shrek is a family film I enjoyed when I was in my teens and now my own teenager loves all the meme culture of Shrek today. It’s a classic film that celebrates self-love and was an obvious fit for a Lush collaboration. It’s earthy and fun and perfect for some swampy self care,” 
– Melody Morton, Creative Concepts Director at Lush.

The new, limited-edition collection features Get Out Of My Swamp shower slime, Shrek Swamp bath bomb and Fiona shower gel, complete with new and exclusive fragrances, as well as returning favourite scents for Gingy bubble bar and Donkey bath bomb.

The Fiona shower gel has a light, fresh and fruity scent of lime and green grass, featuring lime, pine buchu oils and mango leaf absolute, while Shrek Swamp is scented with rich, deep chocolate mixed with a refreshing, minty and spicy top note thanks to peppermint, pink pepper and vanilla.


Get outta my swamp

Make like Shrek and harness the power of the swamp for a slimy body wash that will leave users feeling  soft and silky. 

Wheatgrass, an antioxidant packed with Vitamins A, E and C, will
leave skin bright and soothed, while cornstarch not only helps to create
the texture of this sublime slime, but is also fantastically softening
on the skin.


Be ogre-joyed with this fairytale blend of fresh, fruity fragrance transformed into a beautifully cleansing shower gel. 

Packed with Vitamin C, Fresh Cucumber Juice cools and soothes the
skin while giving it the healthy, radiant glow of an ogre in love.
Sourced from South Africa, Buchu oil adds a fresh berry note to this
fruity fragrance.

By night one way

A fairytale blend of lime and mango leaf with notes of fresh juicy
melon and crisp green apple, spritz directly onto skin to release a
freshly scented fantasy.

Distilled into an absolute, mango leaves give a tropical green note
that transports you to holidays far, far away. Fruity? Floral? Fresh?
The real joy of this complex fragrance is that it changes on the skin
throughout the wear. 

The whole friend group is here

  • Gingy

    Do you know the muffin man? Well, get acquainted with the scent of
    freshly baked goods in the form of everyone’s favourite gingerbread man!
    Crumble under running water to release sweetly scented bubbles and
    swish around for even more suds!

  • Donkey

    Where would a brave knight be without his noble steed? Have Donkey
    join the party with this sweet ballistic, scented with waffle-y notes of
    cosy spiced caramel.

    Drop Donkey into a nice hot bath to release swirls of colour and waffle-sweet fragrance.

  • Shrek

    Don’t be a Farquad! Users can unleash their very own swamp at bath time with this cheeky bath bomb.

    It might be swampy, but this blend of rhassoul mud, oakmoss and
    seaweed, hand harvested from the Japanese coastline, will leave skin
    feeling  softened and cared for.

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