Vegan skincare

Vegan skincare

Looking for a vegan skincare routine? Well look no further! We've always been dedicated to being cruelty-free and have a wide selection of vegan skincare, so let’s find out how you can make your routine more vegan-friendly...

In the last 10 years, there has been a 445% increase in the number of worldwide online searches for the term “vegan”. With so many more people adopting a vegan diet than ever before (or thinking about it, at least) and the search for cruelty-free and vegan alternatives on the rise, it only makes sense that this is extended to beauty and skincare regimes as well.

It’s easy to incorporate these into your current pamper routine, you may already be using some! So, let’s get stuck in and see how you can make your morning, noon or night time ritual and routine a little more vegan-friendly.

Vegan cleansers: all about that face

Where do you start on your new journey into vegan skincare? Well, cleansing is a good place to begin. It helps to clean away the dirt and grime of everyday life, remove makeup (if you wear it) and keep pores clear. Clean skin is happy skin.

If you want an extra clean feeling, exfoliating 2-3 times a week is a great way to achieve the skin you dream of. Exfoliating helps reveal fresh, revitalised skin and keeps your complexion bright. Perhaps you’re after a gentle but effective scrub that also leaves you smelling fantastic. Let The Good Times Roll just might be for you. Polenta and maize flour gently buff and brighten skin, while corn oil softens. To top it all off, this cleanser will leave you smelling like a toffee popcorn dream and is gentle enough to be used every day if you choose.

If you prefer to use a cold cream cleanser, Ultraplant has got all of your bases covered. This 100% natural, gentle cleansing balm effectively removes makeup and cleanses while being kind to your skin. It only has six ingredients, and each plays a part in providing your skin with beautiful benefits such as organic jojoba oil that lightly hydrates, organic agave nectar that acts as a natural humectant, and candelilla wax that removes dirt and makeup.

Vegan face masks: a mask-erade party

If you have a pamper routine with no face mask, is it really a pamper routine? Face masks can help you achieve a perfect skin day. Use after cleansing for the best results.

For toning and balancing your skin, give Don’t Look At Me a try. Rich in texture and ready to exfoliate thanks to ground white rice, this fresh face mask, packed with refreshing grapefruit oil and brightening lemon juice, will leave your complexion smooth and glowing.

If more of a pick-me-up is required, Cup O’ Coffee will perk your skin right up. Coffee infusion helps to stimulate and improve blood circulation, keeping your complexion fresh and ready for whatever you’ve got in store.

Fancy something different? There’s a whole range of face masks to suit your skincare wishes. Simply apply your chosen mask to your face and let it work its magic. We recommend sitting back in a nice hot bath while you do so.

Vegan toners: tone it up

A toner is a great way to ensure your skin is feeling squeaky clean. Toning helps to remove the last traces of a cleanser or face mask and helps to tighten pores and give skin a little lift.

Use toner waters by spraying onto a cotton pad or by spritzing all over your face and tapping into the skin with clean fingers. They’re packed with refreshing, skin-loving ingredients and great for refreshing skin on hot days, long days or any time you need a bit of a boost. Or, if you’re looking for a more indulgent experience try a toner tab. All Lush toners are vegan, simply choose the toner that suits your skincare needs.

Vegan moisturisers: picking up good hydrations

When cleansing, polishing and toning is taken care of (or whenever you please), a vegan moisturiser is a great way to round off your skincare regime or give a much-needed dose of hydration. Whether it’s sumptuous softness or a lightweight moisture boost, there’s something for your skin.

Celestial is a gentle face cream, with dove orchid extract and balancing vanilla to soothe and soften delicate skin. Lightweight almond oil and almond milk deliver moisture right where you need it, sinking in without a trace.

If you crave more of an intense moisturiser, quench skin’s thirst with Skin Drink. Soothing rose absolute and cooling aloe vera gel balance and calm, while rich avocado and cocoa butters ensure you stay moisturised all day long.

Looking for all over softness? Dream Cream promises to keep things calm and collected with its soothing oat milk and lavender oil blend. This light and cooling lotion is a great all-rounder for keeping skin hydrated and supple.

A massage on the cards? Lucky you! If you’d like to indulge a little further, Therapy¿ is the perfect after-bath treat. Completely natural and naked to boot, this massage bar is packed full of goodness. Fair Trade organic cocoa and organic shea butters melt on your skin, leaving you feeling silky and soft.

Vegan cosmetics: eat, sleep, bathe, repeat

You can shop our full range of vegan skincare on our website. Pampering yourself should be fun; that’s why we’ve made it simple to tell what’s vegetarian and what’s vegan. Every product that is suitable for vegans is clearly stated as such on the product page and on the label too. Keep an eye out for the “suitable for vegans” message or Vegan Society logo. So what are you waiting for? Time to get your pamper on!

And don't forget, a good pamper needn’t just be about your face, treating your body is important too. As your face mask gets to work, crumble a bubble bar or drop in a bath bomb, sit back and be whisked away for a while. Discover a range of vegan bath and shower treats you can indulge in while you give your skin a seriously good pamper.

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