Makeup that matters

Makeup that matters

So, you’re in the market for vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics that do wonders for your skin and won’t end up in landfill? Look no further...

Defined by individuals, not industries, our range of completely vegan, cruelty-free makeup has been invented with a clear vision: to provide benefits beyond the selfie.

When Lush co-founder and inventor Rowena Bird decided she wanted to shake up Lush’s makeup range, she had three key aims. Firstly, the products needed to be of high quality with great benefits to the skin. Secondly, they should have minimal impact on the environment, and be made without packaging wherever possible. Finally, the process of ingredients sourcing should provide maximum support to the communities they came from. With these in mind, Ro gathered a team of makeup enthusiasts and set to work, and this is the result...

Naked Lipsticks

Our entirely vegan range of plastic and palm-free lipsticks in a creamy, castor oil formula, includes 21 sumptuous shades! All 21 shades come wrapped in a protective wax casing, which is designed to be peeled off to reveal each bullet of lip colour. Simply pull the black tab at the bottom of the product upwards to peel the wax. Remove the black wax at the bottom and slot into your reusable, plastic free Refillable Lipstick Case. Once it’s secure, carefully strip away the remaining wax casing. Voila, your cruelty free lip colour is ready to go! Once you’re ready for a new shade, reuse your lipstick case again and again! Also, if you’ve got a few lipstick cases lying around at home that need a new lease of life, chop out the old colour, clean out the case and pop your new, cruelty free lipstick refill inside. Reduce, reuse, repurpose.

The collection ranges from nudes and greiges for all skin tones, to show-stopping reds and vibrant pinks; there are plenty of options for the discerning lippie-lover. Each colour is made with kalahari melon oil to keep your lips soft and hydrated, and candelilla and sunflower wax, which gives your high pigmented shade super staying power.


Let your eyes mesmerise with this show stopping selection of our best loved shades of eyeliner! We've curated our eyeliners down to a range of 6 captivating shades which are considered to be the most wearable and iconic to our customers. These are the ones we found were being talked about online and in print publications, gaining lots of positive feedback. 
Our eyeliners contain a soothing base of organic jojoba and Fair Trade organic aloe vera gel, to ensure that your chosen shade will glide on seamlessly and be extra gentle on the delicate eye area. Whether you choose to line or blot the colour to use as a shadow, this lightweight, super pigmented eye colour will sit comfortably all day. Be sure to use alongside our range of handmade, vegan brushes!


Our six sultry, buildable mascaras deliver dramatic results with stand out volume. Packed full of natural ingredients, such as Fair Trade cocoa butter that soothes and conditions, plus nourishing organic castor oil to protect the lash hair. The sky really is the limit for luscious lengths.

Skin tints and face powder

This beloved range has been a long standing feature of our makeup and will continue to be available in all stores worldwide! A range of simple, must have products designed to fit all routines, however easy going or extensive. Use Emotional Brilliance powder as a radiant, translucent setting powder and use our skin tints however you see fit! Our favourite ways are adding them to your moisturiser for an all over the skin pick me up, as well as popping onto the apples of the cheeks for a warming glow (Charisma) or onto the cheekbones for a subtle pop of highlight (Feeling Younger).

Vegan Makeup brushes

Our well-stocked selection of vegan makeup brushes are a solid investment for any makeup bag, providing long lasting usability alongside a wide range of Lush products and beyond! Our premium quality brushes are made from lightweight aluminium and biodegradable, sustainably sourced wood with a cellulose-based lacquer. Our durable, cruelty free bristles are 100% synthetic and are hand packed and secured using a vegan glue. As they are designed to be cherished over a long period of time, they also look beautiful, too.

“Some people like to paint colour and create bold looks,'' Lush co-founder and inventor Rowena Bird sums up when explaining the versatility of the Lush makeup range, “but you can choose what you want Lush makeup to do for you. You own it, it doesn’t own you."

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