Keep your cool

Keep your cool

Soaring temperatures are hotly anticipated this summer, so how can you find welcome relief as the mercury rises? Discover our low-tech ways to beat the heat...

Do sweat it

This is the body's way of cooling you down, so make sure you allow the skin to breathe by wearing loose, light clothing. 

Even better than wearing loose clothing is to wear damp, loose clothing. Dunking a top in cool water and wringing it out before wearing it helps keep your skin in constant contact with cool water, keeping your temperature down. 

In order to sweat you need to stay hydrated, so make sure you keep topped up with fluids.

Take a cool bath

A tepid bath is one of the best ways to keep cool in the summer. Bring your body temperature down with a soak in cool, but not cold, water; freezing cold water may be tempting, but your body will react to the dramatic change in temperature by trying to preserve heat. For extra cooling, add a bomb such as Avobath with refreshing citrus oils, or take a dip in the Big Blue and drift away with arame seaweed and sea salt. 

If you prefer a shower, take a Shower Jelly in with you straight from the fridge or freezer. Take it out of its pot and rub it all over to cleanse and rejuvenate. Just don't turn that temperature dial down all the way to cold.

If you can’t have a bath or shower, try at least to plunge your hands or feet into cool water as it will help slow the blood flow to the surface of the skin. It's an effective way of feeling cool quickly. 

A quick spritz

If you can’t get near water (or even if you can), mist yourself with a refreshing spritz of refrigerated toner water on the face or back of the neck. Breath of Fresh Air contains sea water, soothing rose absolute, and cooling aloe vera; perfect for faces that have seen a little too much sun.

Feeling fresh

While you’re in the fridge, take out a Fresh Face Mask: try Rosy Cheeks, which is made with soothing rose and calming Chamomile. 

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