How to take care of your hair this winter

How to take care of your hair this winter

The chilly wind is blowing, the heating is on full blast and the woolly hats have made their reappearance; winter has come and with it brings a whole host of challenges for our hair. Get back to your roots with these winter hair care tips and tricks to keep locks feeling and looking their best this season.

Gently does it

Just like your skin, your hair needs a little extra TLC in the winter. The mixture of the drastically changing weather and the heating in your home, shops and office means hair can feel drier and more brittle. It’s important to be gentle, especially in the colder, drier months when hair can be prone to breakage.

Don't worry, hope is not lost! Using products that contain protein rich ingredients will help to strengthen and moisturise your mane. Jasmin and henna hair treatment uses extra virgin olive oil to soothe your scalp while almond oil and cocoa butter to deeply condition and strengthen every strand. Smooth onto dry hair and allow it to sit for around 20 minutes (the perfect amount of time to enjoy a cuppa).

Being gentle in the shower is just as important as being gentle after the shower. Working your shampoo in your hands first will give your hair a kinder wash. Well known for improving the tensile strength (how much it can stretch before it snaps) of your hair, extra virgin olive oil, found in Rehab shampoo, is perfect for a splash of winter moisture. With deeply conditioning almond and organic jojoba oils, your hair will be left soft, shiny and strong from root to tip. When you’re done lathering up, give Retread conditioner a test-drive. Its extra virgin olive and organic jojoba oils compliment Rehab shampoo perfectly, while agar agar gel and organic avocado oil give even more hydration to thirsty hair.

For those with curls, kinks or coils, you may feel you need a more intense moisture boost. Due to the shape of curly hair, it is more difficult for the natural oils your scalp produces to reach the tips. Mix that with the dry winter conditions and it’s doubly difficult for your ends to get the moisture they might need. With hydrating avocado and almond oils and extra virgin olive oil, try H.O.T. hot oil treatment on dry hair for super soft, conditioned locks. Or, if the tips of your hair feel a bit lacklustre, smooth in a little Revive hair moisturiser for curls that bounce back.

Stopping the static

We all know that feeling; you get to work, remove your coat, and extract yourself from your jumper only to find that your barnet has become twice as big as it was when you left the house. The cold air and low humidity has turned your ‘do into a science project of static electricity and, although fun to zap the person nearest to you, it’s not exactly your style. To keep your hair looking fly, not flyaway, inject a little sunshine into your cold, overcast day with Super Milk conditioning spray. Not only does it keep the static at bay, the rich plant based milks will hydrate your hair all winter long too.

Protection perfection

A simple way to keep your locks looking their loveliest is to protect them with a Knot Wrap. Perfect for those lazy days, tie one of these versatile cloths around your hair as an added protection from the elements as well as a stylish accessory. A silky Knot Wrap will also help to stop your hat or hood from causing friction on your hair, reducing unwelcome frizz. Bid adieu to wind disheveled ‘dos and say farewell to bad hair days!

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