Create a natural makeup look

Create a natural makeup look

Trying-but-not-trying; how to get that oh-so-chic, fresh-faced makeup look...

A natural makeup style is just the thing for everything from everyday to special days. When you want a look that heightens the best of what nature gave you, without going overboard, then the fresh-faced makeup look is the perfect choice. Our how-to guide won't steer you wrong...   

Always be prepared

Good skin preparation pays off dividends when it comes to that fresh-faced, ‘no-makeup’ makeup look. So give your face a gentle yet thorough cleanse with Ultrabland cleanser, and if time isn’t of the essence; a good scrub to remove dull surface skin cells.

Follow up with a refreshing spritz of toner water, such as the balancing Breath of Fresh Air, and a generous scoop of your favourite moisturiser, taking the time to massage it in.

The eyes have it

We can all agree that sometimes even the windows to our soul need a little pick me up! Open them up with Eyes Right mascara; it's gentle wheatgrass formula is perfect for everyday use. For a higher impact lash look, try Lush Lashes, featuring ingredients such as beeswax, wheatgrass and acacia gum, this gentle mascara harnesses powerful, natural ingredients to add volume and length to your lashes.

The perfect nude

Within our collection of 21 vegan lipsticks, you'll find several nude shades, perfect for a wide range of skin tones. For a barely-there colour designed for deeper complexions, go for a shade like  Kigali or Saidoun. Simply swipe your favourite shade onto the lips for a subtle pop of colour and hydration. For lighter complexions, choose a shade like Beit-ed-Dine to complete your look.

Finishing touches

Last but not least, take your People Powder brush and a minimal sweep of Emotional Brilliance powder onto the skin, concentrating on the t-zone. A little goes a long way, so simply touch up those areas around the nose and chin and you’re good to go. This radiant setting powder keeps your base in place all day and thanks to its balanced jojoba oil formula, you can still achieve a matte (but not flat) radiant finish!

Discover our entire range of vegan, cruelty-free makeup here. 

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